Humpity Day: Hot dog relish and marshmallows…




First, Holy Freak Rain, Batman! 

I mean… Toronto.

That is all.

In Other News ~

I’m thinking a painting project is eleventy hundred trips to the Home Depots and a couple of hours with a paint brush. Okay, more than that. It was three coats and a roller was involved. High stakes.

I spent not a few minutes this morning with the world’s tiniest brush (to go with the world’s littlest powder room) cleaning the light switch. Home Depot Guy called my light switch old-fashioned because it’s a toggle switch instead of a rocker switch. I was looking for a replacement plate that would cover a duplex outlet and two toggle switches.

Dear Home Depot Guy — They are still working after this many years. I can’t say the same for the switch in the kitchen that we updated to a rocker last year. Just sayin’.

They had one plate and one plate only to offer me.

It was white.

Do you know how many shades of white there are?

Un-huh. See yesterday’s post.

Mostly, Home Depot Guy and I are like the hive mind. We see eye to eye. We’re Borg, baby. Just not yesterday. Yesterday, we were hot dog relish and marshmallows.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s blow right through it just like rain.



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  1. I am very familiar with shades of white and am feeling your pain regarding The Wrong White. I’ve spent a decade getting rid of The Wrong White in this house. My condolences on this predicament.

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