Tuesday Post: I’m Not Ready…

I’ve Got the Pricklies!

I kind of love all the prickly things. Maybe because I am one.

These make me think of hair brushes.

Taken at Edwards Gardens, TO in the summer of 2015.

In Other News ~

We’re experiencing another day of heavy rain here in my neck of Canadaland. We don’t need it. And I wish I could blink it to the wildfires in British Columbia and California.

The leaves are beginning to turn on our little Autumn Blaze maple (year three). It’s a little freaky seeing it start to take on color in the third week of August.

The yummy apricot tuberous begonia is showing some droop and fade. The bright pansies are losing their perk. And my mind is turning to chrysanthemums and ornamental kales and cabbages to extend the life of the patio gardens.

We will not go quietly into winter.

In other words… I’m not ready.

It took two days to finesse the hinges off the powder room door. The ones on the frame came off reasonably well. But the ones on the door — Holy Paint-Covered Hinges, Batman! It took scoring and sanding and picking embedded paint out of the screw heads with an ice pick. And then G-Man worked magic with his special tools and got those screws out.

FYI – I did not paint those hinges into extinction. May they rest in peace. Someone else did. Someone I don’t even know.

So. I alternate between working in the long hall, entry and littlest coat closet and painting that door, which is lazing on portable saw horses in my living room.

Real small life living.

I must leave you now. The paint can is rattling.

Tuesday, y’all.


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