Single Shot Monday: And it all came tumbling down…

Have Mercy!

After two days of heavy rain Thursday and Friday, this happened. Those indeterminate tomatoes I still don’t know the name of — with tomatoes the size of small countries — did the downward-facing dog pose. Only, like me, they never made it back into the upright position. More hot mess than hot yoga.

What you can’t see underneath is the uprooted original tomato cage and several green metal trellises.

G-Man helped me lift and restake it on Sunday. It was a two person job. I lost a 1/4 to a 1/3 of it. It’s the way of Burbville farming. Sometimes, things go wrong.


Hm. It’s National Radio Day.

I realized that I don’t listen to the radio that much anymore. Except in the car. I listen to the radio a lot in the car. We often listen to French radio on road trips, finding it relaxing. We don’t catch most of the words. Maybe that’s why it’s relaxing. Just the cadence of the language/voices. Soothing.

At home, I’m more inclined to listen to Spotify, similar to radio with curated playlists. And, of course, sans broadcaster.

I’m curious. Are you an avid radio user?

Talk radio? Music appreciation?

It’s also National Pecan Pie Day. Do we need to talk about that?

And is anyone as shocked as I am that it’s August 20th?

And Monday is in the house.

Time to do your work thang.



5 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: And it all came tumbling down…

  1. Beware of that ever enlarging tomato plant, once it breaks out of it’s cage and flings the stakes aside… it might envelop your house.
    I only listen to the radio in my car, because it’s Sirius Satellite without commercials. I’m so spoiled by it I can hardly stand to hear the regular broadcasts in my husband’s. The channel selection is awesome and it’s always with you no matter where you travel.
    As for Pecan Pie Day? Celebrate at will… I hate nuts!

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  2. I listen to the radio a lot. Haven’t found a mental health station yet, but am sure it’s there. I like Pandora on my phone and thoroughly enjoy the Boston Red Sox night games while cleaning in the kitchen (did I say ‘cleaning in …, I meant helping, yes, that’s it, helping). I enjoy talk radio but not when I’m ironing (wait, did I say ironing…)

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