Humpity Day: Tomahto…

Who’s growing tomatoes?

There are twenty tomato seedlings sucking up the sunshine in the upstairs den. Three different varieties. This was taken a few days ago when they stood five inches at the highest. Today — seven inches. We might be running a little tomato stand this summer. But I always have to take into account the demon squirrels and the pigmunks and the undead bunnies when I think about yield. I could end up with a pint of tomatoes for my effort. Just sayin’.

Here be Hump Day in all its spring color palette.

Get jiggy with it.


Humpity Day: Pole Dancing…

taxi_after_the_rain_elengrey_august_2016 (960x1280)

Pole Dancing!

It’s the closest thing we’re going to get to pole dancing around here. Trust me on this.

Some of those tomatoes have been plucked.


We had a big rain yesterday. Big compared to having an extended dry spell and heat wave. Using the dog-water-dish-rain-gauge method of measuring, it looked like 2 to 2 1/2 inches. We don’t get too technical about these things. Any right-side-up pot without a hole in it will do.

roma_after_the_rain_elengrey_august_2016 (960x1280)

Roma. She loves the pole!

I don’t have to water today.

roma_peeking_elengrey_august_2016 (960x1280)

This roma is in the ground. If you look deep, you can just see the bright red of two very large roma tomatoes. Plucked. Same day. Different lighting.

red_leaf_after_the_rain_elengrey_august_2016 (1280x720)

After the rain!

Red leaf lettuce. We can’t eat it fast enough.

End of story.

How does your garden grow? Tell me.

Is August not whipping by?

It is.

Here be Hump Day… after the rain.