Single Shot Monday: Croutons!…

October Vibes!

Yes, October.

I’m coming to terms with it being October.

I’m coming to terms with it being Thanksgiving Weekend in Canadaland in five days. Another long weekend.

I’m totally unprepared.

Do I say that every year?

I think I do.


I’m done talking about viral infections.

I’m not done having one, I’m just done talking about it.

It’s a hanger on-er!

Still waiting to celebrate the anni.

There are chrysanthemums in pots waiting to be planted. There is an autumn wreath waiting to go on the door. There is some serious deadheading needing to happen. I’m talking flowers here.

Plumber’s coming this month. Window Cleaner’s coming this month. Duct Cleaner’s coming this month.

I’m leaving this month.

Just kidding.


Wondering if the fam would notice if I served a pumpkin soup for T-Day instead of the turkey and eleventy-hundred side dishes trad meal? Elevated, of course. I could serve it right in a pumpkin. Family style. One big-ass pumpkin.

With croutons!

Croutons make everything better.

Maybe I could distract them with Gaby Dalkin’s Slutty Brownies or Caramel Brownies.

I’ll just stand under the shower and consider that for a while.

And how many times I used maybe in this post.

And Monday is in the house.

We’re in the work zone.



Note: This image was taken at Guelph, Ontario in October of 2014. Go ahead. Click it bigger.

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