Single Shot Monday: Just Waiting for Bambi…

More is More!

The Ottawa Tulip Festival is still going on so…

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian peeps! Also known as May Long Weekend. Also known as fireworks and parades. Also known as gardening weekend for townies and opening the cottage weekend for cottagers. Have I covered it all? I think I have.


Back to the male cardinal from the last post. He’s been bringing his bride to the birdbath spa. I spotted them on Friday afternoon. He goes in and has a little flutter and roll and hops onto a branch of the hydrangea tree and watches and waits while his love has a luxurious spa bath. Then she hops onto a branch, and he’s back into the birdbath for some extended play. Then it’s a short flight back to the nest. They come in the morning as well.

The last time he was there, a brown bunny hopped up the side path and sat underneath the hydrangea, nibbled at the grasses, and fell into a coma nap. This time, a chipmunk scurried about leaping on and off the bricks below the birdbath. Ninja-munk.

I feel like I’m in a Walt Disney woodland scene. Just waiting for Bambi.

It’s not my way to post on stat holidays. But May has been the Lean Cuisine of posting.  I’ll take Projects for $200, Alex. 

And Monday is in the house.

Work it.



6 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Just Waiting for Bambi…

  1. Love me some tulips! Just can’t see them without smiling….
    And it’s funny, but out of all the wildlife we have in our backyard? I never see bunnies.


  2. Your May was project month, my June is going to be projects month. I’m happy to see you here whenever you get the chance. Your cardinal romance saga is one for the ages. The tulips are gorgeous. Such brilliant colors.

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