Where’s the Cake in That?

It’s National Avocado Day.

To celebrate, here are two clicks from 2016… about the last time I bought an avocado.

Hello $$$$!

Pulse Tacos!

This is before the carnage.

The Remains!

This is after the carnage.

Of course, it’s also National Raspberry Cake Day.

The raspberry bushes are raspberry-ing. I could make cake.


Um. Somebody stands at the bushes and eats the raspberries as they ripen.

Where’s the cake in that?

I could blame it on the pigmunks, but there is surely some nosy McNosyson out there with an iphone and video who could totes prove it’s me.

I’m a raspberry bush half empty today.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s eat cake.


Elen the Wallpaper Stripper

P.S. Somebody please come save me from my interior upgrade. That is all.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the Cake in That?

  1. I like cake more than I like avocados. Do you need to know this? Prolly not, but I’ve shared it anyway. We, too, are in the process of upgrading around here. I am tired of it all. I need more cake.

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