Humpity Day: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… Zzt, Zzt, Zzt!

Signage. What’s Not to Love?

I thought about this signage today while sitting in the chair at the salon getting the usual roots coverage and hair whack, because there is a definite correlation between the two.


I thought about this signage when Rosa asked me if I wanted a coffee — which I  really, really did — but had to decline because, you know, caffeine which I should never, ever have. This salon doesn’t do the decaffeine thing unless you want to go the herbal tea route.

I didn’t.

Did I mention they make the best coffee ever and add a splash of yummy flavored creamer?

Still, I said no, but reserved the right to change my mind.

And then I proceeded to have a conversation with myself Gollum-style… that best coffee ever with a splash of yummy flavored cream being ‘my precious’.

Gollum won.

And now I’m all buzz, buzz, buzz… zzt, zzt, zzt!

Ross Geller hyper on maple candy (video link) in the Friends episode “The One With Rachel’s Dream (2003) has nothing on me.

Here be Hump Day.

Carry on.


Note: This image was taken at the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA in May of 2013.

6 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… Zzt, Zzt, Zzt!

  1. Never saw an full episode of Friends (I know, I’m dull), but did you see the end of that game last night? Didja? By the way, quit coffee (Starbucks dark roast is the best) al-to-gether last week. Goes right thru me. Maybe I should try decaf. I bet your coiffure looks good!

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