Single Shot Monday: What Say You?…

Furry, Furrier, Furriest!

Is it furr-y? Fur-rier? Or fur-riest?

I’m going with furrier, with a hint of ‘riest.

I found this at Home Sense in December. It was just so white. Pristine white… to go with all my new white walls.

Why stop now?

I always bring in my indoor/outdoor wicker chairs in the winter. One goes in the living room. One goes in my office. Why? Because they are so super comfy, and I love the neutral grayish tone.

This baby got thrown over the back of the one in the living room. I could have thrown in on the sofa. I could have thrown in on the floor in front of the fireplace. I could have thrown it on our bed.

Never mind.

I threw it on that chair.

And loved it with my whole heart through the month of December and into January.

And then our Burbville neighborhood was blanketed in 20 cm of white this weekend, and I yearn for a pot of bright yellow daffodils.

And a big-ass rainforest mural would look great on the long wall of the living room about now.


As a counterpoint, I’m watching The Good Karma Hospital, which is set in India (filmed in Sri Lanka). Everyone is sweating. It’s eleventy-hundred degrees. And no one, absolutely no one, is wearing a toque of any kind.

And I’m reading the latest in Erin Nicholas’ Boys of the Big Easy series, Getting Off Easy. There’s not so much as a single woolen mitten or artic winter boot in it.

I stand by my choices.

And Monday is in the house.

Work it.


12 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: What Say You?…

  1. I just had a ‘ha,ha’ moment. I just hit publish on my blog (my first post of 2020) and all the signals and beeps on my computer started going off. I thought there was an apocalypse. It was your post coming through and I thought yippee. I did, I literally rubbed my hands together to get over here and read more…
    I like your white throw that you threw on the chair. Cozy me up with a good book. However, I’m more interested in your movie recommendation. Dave and I just finished watching Chef’s Table. Aside from making me uber hungry and want to travel I now have to find something to do in this cold front we have going on. Problem solved.
    It’s been super good to hear from you today, Ms. Elen Grey.

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  2. It won’t be long before you’ll be throwing it away…a white throw cover, and furry to boot. As the SNL skit about Alexa says, “i don’t know about that!” Let’s see 2.5cm/in. Okay, a good one. Did you see that Rochester, NY is the snowiest city in the country, USA countries, that is. 57in so far this season. Let’s see, 1in equals 2.5 cm, so that’s 147 cm. Yaa, I’d say that’s snowy 🙀

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  3. I like white, too. It’s the simplicity of it that calls to me. That, and its ability to get along with all the other colors. Not at all fussy about mixing it up with any other color.

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