Sh! It’s a four letter word…


Remember Monday’s post?

You know. Back in the day?

Same Pond, Different View!

Don’t you just love the way the water ripples?

I’m all about the ripples today.

In Other News~

I’ve narrowed the new spectacles down to four.

Red. Navy. Black. Tortoise Shell.

Don’t you just love the word spectacles?

It makes such a spectacle of itself.

In Other, Other News ~

The right hand has boo-boo fingers. The typing is less than stellar. I accidentally caught my fingers in the car window yesterday. Don’t ask. I’m that good.

Cough. Cough.

Fortunately, I’m a fast healer. “So I stop crying. It takes eleven years!”

Name that movie. Hint: It’s a 1995 remake of a 1954 film.

TWC_2016 (461x520)

Today’s taboo word is sitting at 8 in the chart above. Sh! It’s a four letter word.

Note: Click the blue frog to read others taking part in Taboo Word Challenge 2016

This post might be full of four letter words.

Don’t tell.

I sure had to use an awful lot of extra words not to use the taboo word of the day.

A Thursday post.