Single Shot Monday: This & Scrap…


Party in the Front!

Taken somewhere in Ontario in 2013 for The Daily Tree blog.

I’m entertaining myself today by substituting the word scrap for today’s taboo word wherever and whenever scrap would be in play.

What’s up with all these four letter words anyway? Scratch scrap.

The actual gate arrived this morning and was installed — I swoon! — and another project bites the dust.

Scrap left me breathless.

In Other News ~

I finally found the right pair of glasses frames. It wasn’t scrap black frame, nor scrap red frame.  I was sure scrap it was one or the other when I left for the optometrist’s this afternoon.

Has anyone seen The Dressmaker (2015 TIFF)? An Australian film with Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving. I couldn’t look away. Stellar performances. It was date night on a recent Friday night. I was in date night jeans, sipping bubbly water and munching a cookie. A glass of red wine, a cigarette, and a pair of stilettos would have been far more appropriate. And a mind for revenge.

I used scrap more times than I thought I could in a post of this size. Could have totally written it without scrap.

Where’s the fun in scrap?

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And Monday is in the house.

So done now.