Waiting for This Sitch…

Wheelbarrow in Waiting!

I threw myself into the sunshine today with great gusto. That’s why you’re reading this post so late. In case you were wondering.

I doubt it. You were most likely throwing yourself into the sunshine, too. With. Great. Gusto.

It was a walking-hit-the nursery-buy-some-seeds kind of day.

It was a troll-the-yard-looking-for-plant-tips-poking-through-the-soil kind of day.

In Other News ~

Aquaman (Fantasy/Sci-fi 2018) finally rolled down on iTunes as a rental, and we watched that last night. Holy Jason Momoa, Batman! That is all. Not really. It was a thoroughly fine viewing experience. If you love fantasy. If you love CGI. If you love family drama. You might love this movie. Personally, I’m waiting for the sequel. 

Here be Hump Day.

Take a stroll, a walk, a hike. Frolic.

Thursday is just around the corner.