Hump Day: Should’ve Brought The Snowshoes…

IMG_9715_canada_geese_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x798)

Click these bad boys bigger.

These Canada Geese heard Mother Goose was having a reading at the library today.

Navigating the snow with the crunchy top layer was challenging.

But Mother Goose would be so worth it.

So. Worth. It.

IMG_9716_canada_geese_2_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x742)

Dang. These webbed feet aren’t any help at all. Should’ve brought the snowshoes.

I know just how they feel.

Let’s just crunch right over Hump Day and spend some quality time with Mother Goose.

Or, if you’re not of the clan Geese, Mother Goose will set you up with the reference desk.

They know where all the good stuff is.