I Bought Spring…


The snow was falling.

The weatherman was announcing that winter would be extended in Canadaland several + + + more weeks.



I bought spring.

And the clerk, whose palm I crossed with loonies and toonies, folded it in green tissue.

IMG_6014_spring_2_elengrey_march_2014 (765x1024)

Wrapped it in cellophane.

Tied it with a yellow ribbon.

IMG_6016_spring_4_elengrey_march_2014 (1024x1024)

And slid it over the counter.

I grabbed spring and ran.

IMG_6015_spring_3_elengrey_2014 (1024x1024)

That’s what we Northern Girls do when we’re hanging by our last winter nerve.


You would have done the same.

I know it.

Hump Day. Spring right over it.


Note: These clicks were totally experimental. I wanted to see if I could get the completely wrapped tulips through the cellophane. They remind me ever so much of watercolor, which is one of my favorite art mediums.