Fridaaaaay!… Oopsies

November, you say?


Some Halloweenie left a mouse treat on my pumpkin! 

Love that!

Unless, of course, it’s a little spy drone.

I’ve got to stop watching thrillers.

This be the quickest of blog quickies, for I am lost in the barrens basement decluttering, purging, downsizing…

This is basically the story of my real time life. I never knew we had so much stuff junk crap.

Everything that doesn’t meet the definition of trash is being donated wherever it will be most useful. I thought about having a giant yard sale, but I still haven’t quite gotten over the last one. It’s not my thang.


But I digress.

Here be Friday.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Happy weekend, y’all.