Fridaaaaay!… Go Green

A Bit o’ the Green!

This sits on my desk. I look at it every day and wait for my seeds to arrive in the mail.

It needs to be soon.



Now, okay?

Today, I’m wearing my green eyes, green sweater, green earrings… and orange socks. Nobody can see those. They’re stuffed into DAV ankle boots, which are black. Pretty much the basic wardrobe is black. Not much to coordinate there. Throw on a pop of color — like green for St. Paddy’s Day — and you’re done. Even the iPhone case is green.


I’m thinking in green today.

Aren’t you just green with envy?


Moving right along.

True Confessions ~

I watched a few movies this month.

Finding Dory (2016) — Not just for kids. It was a kick.

Lion (2016) — We all left the theater feeling a little shocky and bruised. It was the most powerful film I’ve seen in 2017.

Jackie (2016) — History, biography. Natalie Portman. What’s not to love there? I might be suffering from secondhand smoke. Mebbe.

Passengers (2016) — IMDb labels it adventure/drama/romance. iTunes labels it sci-fi/fantasy. Take your pick. I liked this more than G-Man, but then I’m a sucker for special effects and a good bartender. Still. I thought the real story was missing from the reel. Let me know what you think.

There might have been more, but those stuck in my brain.

What have you seen? Anything?

Here be Friday in all its wintry March glory.

Now. Go get your green on.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Guinness, I say!



monday’s in the house: a confessed poinsettia killer…

fotolia_2252877_xs.jpgIn a moment of insanity, we decided to throw some pre-Christmas dinner parties in the month of November. December can get a little kuh-raaazy. So. We had five, which made for two in one weekend. You probably noticed that the only posting going on in November was Single Shot Sunday. That’s because I was elbow-deep in pre-Christmas dinner party madness.

I still can’t talk about it. Okay. Maybe just a little bit, because I’m talking about it now. Here.

This was an experiment, and what we learned is we can probably throw a maximum of two in a month and not want to throw ourselves in the creek feel really good about it.

Not that we didn’t have fun. We did. Loads of it.

See, my thought was that the fall cleaning would be done. It was. Everything would sparkle. It did. Components from one dinner — like liquor/flowers/nuts/cheeses/whatever — could be used from one party to another. They were. If I waited a month or two in between dinner parties, that would not happen. The wine would be history, along with the cheeses and olives and every scrap of dessert.

I’m not sorry we did it. We ate, we drank. We laughed, we talked. We threw logs on the fire. It was good.

During this month of merry mayhem, we received two gorgeous poinsettias as hostess gifts.

Poinsettia — the most popular houseplant for Christmas in Canada. I read that somewhere. It feels true.

Here’s the thing.

I’m a poinsettia killer. It comes naturally. It might even be on the genetic code.

I receive them with joy and enthusiasm. Who wouldn’t? They’re all gay and leafy and come in a variety of colors.

I receive them with joy and enthusiasm and hope in my heart that this will be the year, the year that there will be a survivor.

This ~


Isn’t she beaut?

This ~


Poinsettia remains.

That’s it. :: sob :: I repurposed it as best I could.

The second one. The remaining living one. It’s on the hall table. It’s losing leaves, but isn’t in chronic care. Yet.

A confessed poinsettia killer.


Monday’s in the house.

Go ahead. Throw down your best poinsettia tale. I’m all ears.