Humpity Day: Slo-mo…

The Ships Have Landed!

We walked into one of the historic buildings at the Distillery District Toronto Christmas Market. If I remember correctly, the event was all about vodka. Beautiful, shiny bottles of liquor everywhere and every imaginable bar tool, glass, etc. that compliments it.

As I climbed the stairs, I looked up.

And the rest of the room blurred.

True Confessions ~

I’m just sitting here bouncing to Michael Franti & Spearhead’s I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) on repeat. You can see the Vevo here. That’s the way to do the first Hump Day of 2018.

The amaryllis is now 20 1/4 inches and the bud is beginning to split for flowering. It makes me think of a watercolor paintbrush in the land of giants.

Down to the last half of the last Terry’s Chocolate Orange, not sure whether to weep or cheer. Maybe both.

Tree is still up. I’m thinking about putting a nice, white, fluffy hotel robe on it and calling it a day. Who’s with me?

We might be in slo-mo over here. Just sayin’.

Here be Hump Day in all its 2018 glory.

Let’s get right on that.