Single Shot Monday: aka Mumph…

tall_ships_toronto_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x1039)

Who doesn’t love a tall ship?


That is my Monday word.

For I am singularly lacking in luster — or lustre — today.

I am without  g l o w .


Gotta find my  g l o w .


So I’m listening to Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Barber’s Fool’s Gold album.

On repeat.

Broken For Good.

This is the first track and written by Jill Barber, Les Cooper, and Drew Jurecka.

I do love the song writing and vocal stylings of Jill Barber.

I’m thinking with that dress and those backup dancers mumph could be gone with a finger snap.

Just sayin’.

And Monday is in the house.



Note: The image is from June of 2013 when the Tall Ships were visiting Toronto.