Single Shot Monday: aka Mumph…

tall_ships_toronto_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x1039)

Who doesn’t love a tall ship?


That is my Monday word.

For I am singularly lacking in luster — or lustre — today.

I am without  g l o w .


Gotta find my  g l o w .


So I’m listening to Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Barber’s Fool’s Gold album.

On repeat.

Broken For Good.

This is the first track and written by Jill Barber, Les Cooper, and Drew Jurecka.

I do love the song writing and vocal stylings of Jill Barber.

I’m thinking with that dress and those backup dancers mumph could be gone with a finger snap.

Just sayin’.

And Monday is in the house.



Note: The image is from June of 2013 when the Tall Ships were visiting Toronto.

9 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: aka Mumph…

  1. Monday is in the house and so are we. Today was supposed to be “Fun Day Monday” no school woo-hoo but too cold to go out boo-hoo. The Yard Ape informed me that today is THE most depressing day of the year.
    I haven’t found a song to soothe me yet Elen, but I did listen to ‘Broken For Good’ I was doing ok until I started watching her legs, she’s got a wonky knee…I had to just skip the video but loved the tune.
    MUMPH – what a great word. LOVE IT! You made my Monday. Out.

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    • Hm. I wonder why it is THE most depressing day of the year? That would be February for me. 😉 Mumph is more of a reluctance with attitude. Garfield comes to mind. I roll-my-eyes Monday. Maybe I should make that a category. lol I missed the wonky knee. Too busy watching the backup dancers. I’ll take your word for it. 😀


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