Fridaaaaay!… aka You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

True Confessions ~

This morning I trip down the stairs. I’m trolling for decaffeine. It’s #tgif day, and I need it in the worst way. And it’s later than normal decaffeine time because, when I lurched out of bed this morning I could hear two male voices in the living room downstairs, which means we had company.

Before decaffeine, man!

Unless G-Man was pulling a Paul Winchell or a Edgar Bergen.

Not likely. The man’s got mad skills, but not in that direction.

I’m blinking and sipping and thinking.

Hardcore for Fridays.

I’m blinking and sipping and thinking about today’s blog when G-Man sidles up and says…

Good Morning Kiss!?

So I wrap my hands around his morning scruff and lay a little lovin’ on him.

No moss on me. No siree!

I turn my attention back to the decaffeine and hear…


She’s the one,

the one with the Jack Frost touch.

It’s a bit much.

She loves only cold.

Only cold.

She loves cold…

You can’t make this stuff up.

That’s a lie.

I can.

Hello! Fiction writer.

But I didn’t.


Try to get that earworm out of your head.


In that spirit…

Love you so much, Ms. Shirley Bassey.

This might be my favorite Bond song.

Do you have a favorite Bond song? Let me hear it.

Here be Friday in all its end-of-the-week glory.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


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8 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… aka You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. Great writing Elen, but I have a couple of questions. Was there another male in your house? and you were comfortable laying loving on G-man with another male looking on? Seemed x-rated to me.
    And when you say, “decaffeine” is it coffee with no caffeine or is it like ‘ain’t got no time for dat’ kind of thing, like ganster talk? Cause I don’t know how you can be hankering for something that is de- anything.
    You come up with all this awesome sauce un-caffinated? Good stuff.
    Happy Weekend.

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    • Thank you! Your comments always crack me up, Kellie. There was another male in my house, which was why I was waiting upstairs to come down and get my decaffeine. It could have been an x-rated (I just typed ex-rated. Hahaha) situation if I had thumped down earlier. Who comes a callin’ at that hour? Yes. Decaffeinated coffee. I have always and forever called it decaffeine on this blog. It’s what I do. And I feel as strongly about getting my decaffeine hit as others feel about getting their caffeine hit. Every once in a while (on a date) I will break down and have the whole caffeine-chilada. It’s never pretty. Zoom, zoom, zoom.


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