#TBT: Whaaaat?…

I’ve been writing about the Dwarf Troll House at Edwards Gardens since 2010. Every year or two I’ve taken a new click and posted it here with an update. The last one was in April of 2015 for the A to Z Challenge Letter D. You can find it here.

This was the late summer 2012 shot. It’s a mighty handsome troll house. Functional, too.

Imagine my surprise last weekend when I strolled around the curve of the garden expecting to take my 2017 click and it was gone, baby gone.

G O N E !

It had been removed like throwaway urban real estate to make way for the new. The new being some yet to be determined green plants.

I wept for the dwarf trolls and myself.

A hundred steps along the path I saw this ~

Dwarf Troll Bunker!

It be going nowhere.

Smart trolls.

Here be Thursday.

Dig in. We’re almost to the weekend.