Four-day week…

There is something about a four-day work week that gets me all derailed.

Here it is Wednesday, and I haven’t even posted yet. Monday was the stat holiday of the long weekend, and I read Julianne MacLean‘s CAPTURED BY THE HIGHLANDER. MacLean is a new-to-me author, and this was the first in The Highlander Trilogy. I read the second one, CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER, two days prior. Did I mention it was the long weekend?

Writers gotta read.

If you love historical, if you love fierce Highland warriors, if you love sassy women, if you love a full-blown tale of suspense and passion….well, you might just want to click on over to your favorite book vendor and grab one of these reads. Just sayin’.

Besides some lazy hours spent reading, we did get out to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides. Loved it. Loved the storyline. Loved the special effects. Loved the mermaids. Loved the Depp/Rush/McShane triple threat. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Also, I would like to be able to pull off wearing coal under my eyes like that. You know who I’m talking about, Captain Jack! The end.

Tuesday did not start at the office, but at the fracture clinic with Super Techlet. Anybody who has ever been to a fracture clinic knows that it is all about the waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. FYI Fracture Clinic — running a continuous video loop on a flat screen of how to properly use hand sanitizer just doesn’t cut it.

Not to be undone, I pulled out the Kindle and started reading Kristen Lamb‘s ARE YOU THERE BLOG? IT’S ME, WRITER. A little professional reading to get those work juices flowing again. Did I mention a three-day weekend? Lamb is guiding me, the writer, through the social media landscape and making me laugh at the same time. I need all the guidance I can get. Believe me. The laughter is a bonus.

Writers gotta read.

In a moment of sunshine, I ran out and took this pic —

Sunlit Fern

Fern through sunlight. Sigh.