Single Shot Monday + Jangle All The Way…


Pumpkin Latte!

It may be Christmas in the frontscape, but it’s pumpkins in the backscape all the way. They have a shelf life.

In Other News

Today is Christmas hair day. That’s what I call the December cut and color. Everyone was getting purple highlights. Except me. If I were getting Christmas highlights, they would be silver and gold. Just so you know.

I always, always forget that Christmas hair day is Baileys day at the salon. No. I won’t tell you where I get my hair done.

Elen doesn’t share Baileys just like Joey doesn’t share food!.

I watch way too much Friends.


I had a little coffee tipple bb (before breakfast).

And now I’m a little coffee tipple tipsy.

I had to text the G-Man… Please bring me a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks when you are done. Something to soak up the Baileys before break… hiccup!

No. I wasn’t driving today.


It was high octane coffee.

High Octane + Baileys = Jangle Bells, Jangle Bells, Jangle All The Way!

It’s hard to be me.

And Monday is in the house.

Jangle, jangle, jangle…