Clear eyes…

Saturday is usually places to go, things to do, people to see. Not today. Today, it’s been raining standard issue rain, followed by pouring rain, followed by heavy downfall rain, and repeat.

All the day long.

I can’t get Steve Holy’s Come On Rain lyrics out of my head. It’s a total earworm. In a good way. I love the music that is Steve Holy.

There’s a fire in the fireplace, probably the last of the fire-in-the-fireplace season. The wood stack in the garage is severely depleted. Gone, baby, gone.

I spent the day sharing the couch and the last season of Friday Night Lights with Golden Pup. She likes the football and the beef. There is beef everywhere in West Texas, and it’s usually on a plate or smothered in barbecue sauce….just the way Gracie imagines it in her twitchy, Golden dreams.

Friday Night Lights has become one of my favorite television shows, along with West Wing and Mad Men, and I am sorry to see it go.

Let’s be clear.

I know nothing about football, high school or otherwise. But I know about character, and character building. And FNL was all about that. It was about the struggle into adulthood. It was about overcoming adversity. It was about relationships — young/old, boy/girl, parent/child, individual/team. It was about failure, and how to move through it. It was about success, and how to handle it. It was about striving to be better. It was about believing in yourself. It was about survival. It was pure drama, and I loved every minute of it.