Single Shot Monday: This is how we do it… +


This is how fast we decorated the tree this weekend.

Eggnog, with or without rum, may have been involved. Who am I kidding? What’s eggnog without rum?

It must be December because it’s snowing on my WordPress blog.

It must be December because there’s snow on the ground. Who am I kidding? That could happen in October. And it has!

It must be December because there is a schedule sheduuuule for everything. Making a list and checking it twice.

Only five days into the month and it’s already a blur.

I’m working on making it a fun blur. A blur of wonderment and advent and joy.

And for some reason, that makes me think of Shoop, Shoop, Shoop!

Anybody else remember the first season of Friends (1994-2004)? Episode 9? The One Where Underdog Gets Away.

Maybe that’s how I should title all my posts — The One Where…

I digress.

One of the plot lines for that episode was about Rachel trying to get a hundred bucks together so that she could join her family in Vail, I think it was, at Thanksgiving for shoop, shoop, shoop.


December feels a lot like shoop, shoop, shoop.

And Monday is in the house.

Everybody git to it.

Or, you know, just do a little shoop, shoop, shoop.