get your autumn groove on…

autumn in the park

autumn on the water

autumn on the road

Get your autumn groove on.

If you’re living on the New England coast of the U S of A, go directly to winter. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. You have my sympathies.

It’s Saturday. Shake it up a little!

2 thoughts on “get your autumn groove on…

  1. I followed your link from the NaBloPoMo post at BlogHer. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I love all those autumn colors. Oh and the reflections in the water – just stunning.


    • Manda! Thank you for taking the time to click over from BlogHer. The images I used for this post are actually stock photos from I often use my own images, but when I don’t, is my stock photo website of choice. I put up some of the photos I took at Gatineau Park in Quebec in October’s posts. The fall color was stunning.

      I love the header at your blog, by the way. So creative. Cheers!


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