I’m undecided…

We had a date night on Friday and stepped out to see the remake of the 1984 Footloose — the version starring Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow. Oh, ho, ho, and I did see Sarah Jessica Parker in the roll of Rusty. Mercy.

The 2011 Footloose, starring Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid was darker, less musical, less fun. In this case, less is not more.

I’m undecided.

I enjoyed Kevin Bacon and Kenny Wormald equally in the role of Ren MacCormack, though it was played differently.

I’m undecided.

I preferred the 2011 Willard, played by Miles Teller to the Willard of 1984, portrayed by Chris Penn, but enjoyed the scene where Willard learns to dance more in the original.

I’m undecided.

Julianne Hough (as Ariel Moore) is beautiful and a talented dancer, but I just had a hard time putting her and high school senior in the same frame. I may be out of touch. Woefully.

I’m undecided.

Lithgow or Quaid?


If they had gone with the big musical finish that the original did, I think I could have left the theater satisfied. But they didn’t. They made it shorter. Choppier.

Even though they made it a darker, edgier, more [air quotes] contemporary [end air quotes] film, they needed that big, musical finish to make it Footloose.

I wanted to love this movie with my whole heart.

Maybe if they had called it Footloose, Back to the Future.

I’m undecided.

4 thoughts on “I’m undecided…

    • LOL Don’t hold back, JoAnn. In hindsight, I might be able to make a similar statement, but then this might not so much have been a blog post as a 149 character tweet. 😀


    • I think for many in the audience that could be true, which is why I go to remakes with a little fear and trepidation. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Tell me true, was it the burning stock bus races that won your heart? 😉

      Mr. G, who has not seen the original, was squirmy during the first half, but enjoyed the second half more.


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