Because it’s Hump Day — and I need to get over it — I’m sharing one of my fave TV series out of the UK. We were fortunate enough to have it aired here in Canadaland, and they’re doing reruns of the early Nick & Kate years now.

Am I watching?

You betcha.

I’m glued.

This is police drama lite wrapped in a thin layer of soap opera. It’s set in the 1960s in the fictional town of Ashfordly and the fictional village of Aidensfield, Yorkshire.

Buddy Holly’s song Heartbeat is the theme song of the drama and is sung by Nick Berry, who played PC Nick Rowan in the early years of the series.

While I watched Heartbeat through a good part of the series, the Nick & Kate years are still my favorite.

I loved the music from the sixties, the conservative little towns and villages where much of the drama of the sixties was ignored, and the Nick & Kate — and that would be Dr. Kate — drama as each tried to find their way after leaving London behind.

I loved the little police stories, the village characters, the fashion, the Bobby uniforms, and the Ford Anglia they used as a police car in the early series. Want.

This video is a brief overview of the first five years. If you ever have an opportunity to see this series…take it.

Heartbeat: The Rowan Years

Heartbeat (1992-2010) was originally based on a series of books by Nicholas Rhea, known as the Constable series.

A great link to a site for all things Heartbeat.