What is it?…

I was out this morning at the produce market before it became 86-feels-like-88-Fahren and couldn’t walk away without getting this for the front garden. I have a deep red hen & chicks out there that could use some company.

Well, when I planted it last year, it was just a hen. But that hen’s biological clock was ticking, and now there are about 7 chicks out there. Go, Hen!

What is it?

That’s it in all its sooc glory. I know it’s a succulent.

This was an iPhone shot. I wanted you to see the tiny, bright flowers. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Look at those leaves? Petals? It makes me think of an artichoke.

C’mon. All you enlightened succulent gardeners, what is it?

I made those images extra big just for you.

TGIF, baby!

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