monday’s in the house: then and now…

I was gifted this fabu self-watering container from Mr. G, honey. Y’all know where he got it, right?

Yep. Lee Valley. His gifting store of choice. I need a big, evil grin smiley face right here.

I had been looking for a rectangular container with a little bit of height to it. The self-watering was a bonus. And what a bonus. I really love that feature. It’s working.

The container was to sit somewhere close to the kitchen patio, so I could have a little of this and that close to hand.

I ran a tape of copper around the bottom in the hopes of keeping the slugs and snails at bay — so far so good — and set it on a mini brick patio. The bricks were salvaged from the old front porch and pad.

Then ~

A little basil, a little kale, some red leaf lettuce, some green. The little green peppers on the back row are just resting. Right behind those peppers is a small round hole, easy access for filling the water trough. At the bottom on the left is a drainage hole, in case you are overzealous with the watering. That would never happen to me. Never. Ever.

Also, you can stick your finger in that drainage hole to check the water level. I do that all the time.

Then Again ~

More basil was added, because who can have enough basil? That might have been rhetorical. Oh, and some lemon balm in front. Everything grew. It self-grew from the self-watering.

This morning, as in — now, baby, now!

My creeping hosta is creeping me out.

I’ve decided I need another one.

Mr. G, honey?

Hello, Monday!