No. That isn’t a reference to my age.

Today marks the day of my 700th blog post.

I’m feeling gobsmacked.

How can that be?

I feel like this blog should be saying something profound today, but profound isn’t what we do over here.

Here are the ten most popular posts out of 699 starting with the most popular:

No. 1 — The Dimple, It’s a Tiebreaker… This was by far the most popular post. It was clicks ahead of other posts in terms of views. It still gets clicks. I had a lot of fun writing that post.

No. 2 — It’s in the air… Um. I have no idea.

No. 3 — The grass… Probably a lot of mower reps visited. Or hungry cows.

No. 4 — I Think Your Fractal’s Sexy… Electric sheep lovers, for sure. Nerds? Geeks?

No. 5 — Makes Men Blush… This was not about what viewers clickers thought it would be about. Just sayin’.

No. 6 — The first real doozy… This was exactly about what clickers thought it would be about.

No. 7 — I’d like my cheekies by monthly subscription, please… This was a pretty cheeky post, and it had a link to Victoria’s Secret in it. It went click, click, click.

No. 8 — Tickle-your-ribs funny… Puppy lovers everywhere clicked on this post.

No. 9 — This right here… Northern Girls and more puppy lovers. I see a trend.

No. 10 — Hair gone wild… I think it might have been the tag blog quickie.

My personal favorites were the Northern Girl posts. Just type Northern Girl in the search box. Posts will magically appear.

The blog first started out as Could Be A Blog at WordPress. I thought I was being clever. Probably not so much. Then I moved from WordPress to my own website because there were a lot of widgets and gizmos I wanted to use in the sidebar and posts that WordPress just wasn’t doing at that time. Elen Grey Dot Com.

Black and blue yum. I just loved everything about this design, especially the Inkster font that I bought at MyFonts. I’ve used that font for headers wherever possible over the life of the blog.

Don’t laugh. My first avatar.

I’m too sexy for my shoes, too sexy…

That was fun. I did some experimenting with original design and templates. I wish I had taken screenshots of the various templates I used. I live for the dramatic header image. The blog did a little tour at WordPress Org. They have great plug-ins. Finally, in 2011 I migrated the Elen Grey Dot Com website back to WordPress Com, which had really grown. A lot. I’ve always had a soft spot for the community that is WordPress.

The ten most searched terms were:

pictures, cute puppies, fractal art, funny kittens, opi makes men blush, necktie, cheekies, scene hair, funny kittens with captions, red necktie

Followed by:

cute puppy, red bow tie, naked chest, naked tie, how to get a dimple in your tie

The search terms that made me laugh:

sexy desktop background, cat thinking, sexy fractal, naked man with tie, thinking funny, ugly runners, Charlie big brother’s hair stylist, sexy naked ladies, kiss a prostitute, tie + naked, kiss this, sexy soldier, dimple boy, hatched chick, summer legs, I smell brownies, elen funny, James Bond necktie, annoy sisters, please pick up the phone oh won’t you please pick up the phone, squirrel baby shower

I see a lot of sexy, funny and naked. This worries me a little bit. Mebbe.

And what’s up with squirrel baby shower?

This is a blog about writing & publishing, pop culture, humor, and a lot of things Elen.

When this blog was created, Facebook was a baby and Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest didn’t exist, much less the Instagram app.

Some say the bell has tolled for blogging. I don’t agree. It evolves, but I don’t think it’s going away soon.

While blogging, I’ve met a lot of great writers, foodies, gardeners, DIYers, wicked funny cartoonists, photographers…, and become aware of some great organizations like Soldiers’ Angels and Free Rice.

It’s been a wild ride, and I thank each and every reader who has clicked on over and added to my blogging experience.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook. Just head up, up, up the right sidebar above that fabu header image and you’ll find the Feed symbol, a t for Twitter, and an f for Facebook. Clickety click!

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