I’ll sum up my experience this way…

Oh, man. The sun is shining. There’s no haze. The temp is hovering at 70 Fahren. I’m galloping — demurely — around the offleash with G-Pup, belting out Muse’s Uprising.

Okay. I was doing that. Now, I’m here with you tapping out my Hump Day post.

I might have frightened the two-year-old Weimaraner’s hottie owner. Pretty soon, Gracie G-Pup was headed for the shade of the tall grass, her tongue as wide as her face and hanging. Eyes all sparkly.

I wanted to do the same, but my GPS+ Pedometer wouldn’t let me. I’m really waiting for the app that screams Pick it up, slacker!

Yup. We went to see MIB3 or Men in Black III or…whatever. They were men in black. This trailer is the one with the least spoilers.


True confession: I did not see MIB1 or MIB2. I remember Mr. G, honey going to see MIB1 with Super Techlet. I wandered into the screening room next door and caught a romantic comedy, which escapes me at the moment. The Super Techlet came out laughing; the Mr. G, honey came out a little glassy-eyed and shaking his head. That’s like a two thumbs up for him.

For some reason last week, I decided that I just had to see MIB3. Had to. So we whipped out to a Centrum and grabbed a real burger at a real restaurant — translation: No Fast Fake Food For You — and staggered over to the theater.

I’ll sum up my experience this way ~

I laughed myself silly.

I grinned all the way out of the theater so big that it caused a man moving into my radar to grin back at me. He had The Avengers written all over him.

I wished I hadn’t eaten the burger.

I may never eat anything from the sea again.

I need some kickass goggles.

The end.

Happy Hump Day.

p.s. I think Gracie Golden Pup needs a Weimaraner brother or sister.

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