monday’s in the house: summerlicious…

Every year — 2012 marks the 10th year — Summerlicious comes to Toronto.


Summerlicous is an event in which over 150 of Toronto’s yummiest restos, aka restaurants, offer three-course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner at a lovely little price. Okay. Several lovely little prices. July 6 – July 22 are the dates for this summer. It’s a foodie fest; a foodie fest I hope to partake of this year, and you can learn more about it here.

We do this in the winter, too.

We call it Winterlicious.

We love food.

The End.

But that’s not really the focus of my post today. I’m talking about a different Summerlicious.

I’m talking about a Summerlicious happening right in my own garden.

I’m talking about garden pests having their own little foodie fest right here at Casa Elen.

I’m talking about earwigs.

Cute little diners, aren’t they?

We seem to have an abundance of them this year. I’ve removed all the standing water I could find in my little garden oasis. I emptied the bird bath. Poor little, sweaty birdies. It was you or the earwigs. I emptied the watering cans, in a way in which the plants benefited. We have a lot of rain barrels in the neighborhood, and I’m wondering if that has contributed to the earwig population? Of course, my self-watering container is sitting over its own water reservoir. Yikes!

I’ll tell you what the little foodies like.

They like my basil. I had to harvest what was left of my little crop before they got the rest of it.

They like my lettuces. Ditto the above.

They like my roses. I think that’s because of the aphids. Let’s not talk aphids today. A girl can only handle so much creepy-crawly in one post.

Dang those little foodies anyway.

And they eat for free! Talk about a prix fixe menu.

FYI, they don’t seem fussy about spinach. Their spinach is my radish. I understand and sympathize.

I went here to try to find out if there was a natural way to deal with these little suckers — no poisons for us, man —  and learned that the little critters might be my friends. It doesn’t feel that way.

I asked whined at the Michigander sister for advice. She discovered this natural pesticide remedy in one of her garden books: put equal parts vegetable oil and soy sauce in tuna or cat food cans. Set them out at night and dispose of the contents early in the morning, because they’ll attract butterflies and good bugs, too.

I haven’t tried that.


All you gardeners and container gardeners out there weigh in. How do you manage pest control on such small crops?

I didn’t really plan crops large enough to support both our foodie habits.

In other news:

Our heat wave of last week finally broke. It’s a fallish 64 Fahren as I write this post in the middle of the afternoon. I had to put a hoodie on this morning. I guess summer is officially here. Mama Weather has given us some thrills and chills. The heirloom tomato container has blown over twice. I finally moved it. I may have to bolt it to something.

Hello, Monday!

Let’s rock this work week.

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    • Just one? You had just one earwig? You said that to taunt me, didn’t you? LOL Good thing you’re a BFF. Okay. Do you spray that undiluted or what? And where exactly do you spray it? On the soil? On the plants? Tell all.


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