sucky, bordering on mean girl…

I have to get that earwig off my front page. Have to. It’s plaguing me.

That being said, I have viral crud. Might even be super viral crud.

Viral crud given to me by a beloved. She who shall not be named.

So, today. Today, you’re getting a visual feast.

Just hunker down and enjoy.

It’s Hump Day. This is how you get past it.

You hunker down and enjoy a visual feast.

FYI ~ Super viral crud makes you ramble.

At 3 o’clock this morning, I was kicked to the curb den. It was for the best. If Mr. G, honey succumbs, who will make the chicken soup? Sprint to the pharmacy for Fisherman’s Friend, the extra strong terminator flavor? Drive to another suburb to get AT LAST, the latest Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor novel? Call 911 when I hack up a lung?

Okay. I might be getting a little sucky. I might be bordering on mean girl.

Moving right along.

Weekend before last, we had a little peony festival field trip. It was an 8th annual. And like most events that are an annual, there are risks. Mama Weather sees to that. She’s like that. Bless her heart.

A lot of the peonies had already crossed over to that big peony festival in the sky, where I might be going with my super viral crud.

We still got some shots.

These have names like Barrington Belle, Mary Elizabeth, Paul M. Wild, Susan White, Red Charm, Scarlett O’Hara.

They sound like people I might like to have to my next dinner party.

Don’t ask me who’s who?

I think this might be headed the wrong way, but I’m virally impeded today.

Are you visually feasting yet?


What about now?

Stumbling back to the couch now. Putting Pride & Prejudice in the player. Again. The Matthew Macfadyen version.

The music is calming. It lulls. It soothes. It…

Hump Day, we haz it.

P.S. Thank you, Mr. G honey for contributing some of your fabu peony shots.