Declining to recline…

I’m declining to recline today.

Don’t want to.

My goal is to be upright most of the day. In street clothes. Sometimes, you just can’t grab onto a lofty goal. It has to be small. Possible. Doable.

That’s what I’m aiming for today.


This is how we’re rolling today.

Mr. G yells a question up the stairs.

I whisper a response. After three tries, I give up in disgust and just text my answer.

He thinks this is pretty funny.

I’m thinking next week he could be texting me. Payback’s a…

We’re in the middle of a staircase redo. Mr. G, honey has been scraping, sanding, patching. He took a break yesterday because, well… I simply couldn’t breathe between the super viral crud, the staircase redo, and the neighbor’s frontscape redo. Men with tools and machinery showed up yesterday to rip out their front lawn, much as we did last year. I’m excited to see what happens over there.

They brought a little Bobcat. I wanted a thrill ride. They knocked over the telephone wire box on the boulevard. Then, Bell Canada came. It was pretty decent entertainment for a sick day.

I snapped a few pics out front while I was waiting for tea water to boil this morning.

This is one of my fave perennials for its fairy-like quality. It’s so breezy. I put a border of it around my river rock focal point last summer and hoped for this result.

Close-up, baby! Six tiny plants went it. They did what I hoped they’d do.

Coneflower. What’s not to love. Mine has red eye. Too much party in the frontscape. I’ve always had some coneflower somewhere. Yes, I like color. How did you guess? It was the chair, right? The red barrel? The inside of my casa?

This is Ms. Speedwell. Veronica Icicle Speedwell. I just love everything about her. I love her height. I love her coloring. I love her name. She’s just beginning to bloom, which is why you’re getting a close-up.

Back to shouting down the stairs texting to Mr. G, honey.

Canada Day is just around the corner, and I am woefully unprepared.


I could do popsicles.

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