I have no idea…

Away last week to visit my homeland, specifically my mama and Michigander Sister and the a-b-i-l (awesome brother-in-law). Yes. That’s what I call her — Michigander Sister.

Away last week to visit my homeland, I left behind the mother of all tomato plants, praying the tomatoes would make like Mama Autumn and turn yellow/orange/red, anything but green. And when I say mother of all tomato plants, I mean a single tomato plant that looks like a shrub.

I do not know its name. I know that the tomato has the taste of a Roma, but the fruit is huge. The Highlander of the tomato clans huge.

Unidentified growing tomato — UGT

It’s this [                      ] big.

Shot on the same day, at the same time. Totally different lighting going on. Huh. Cropped out my thumb, too.

As much fun as all that traveling was in September, it’s good to be home.

My pillow. My bed. My bunny slippers.


Happy Saturday!