Home Sweet Autumn…

The downside of traveling is now I am sitting here — home office alone — wondering where is my breakfast? Where is my Canadiano? Where is my dinner? Where is my libation?

Where is housekeeping?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Moving along.

As I write this post, the temperature is sitting at 45 Fahren. My mind has turned to flannel sheets, bulky socks, and hoodies.

I’m also thinking soup, soup, Soup. My favorite fall/winter meal. So I made some.

Chicken/vegetable/barley soup with corn muffins, and the Biden-Ryan debate. That’s how we’re rolling tonight. There’s a wine pairing for that somewhere. I know it.

While you’re contemplating that wine pairing, here is some home sweet autumn.

These lovelies are at their prime. Me, too.

No more berries, but look at the color! She’s the little strawberry plant that keeps on giving.

Try not to notice the Golden Pup’s bone just to the right there. Oh, you noticed? Oops.

I swoon over these green chairs. Somebody’s got some carving to do. Mr. G? Honey?

Pumpkins. Not just for pie.

Little show-offs. I always want to laugh when I walk by.

Yes. I’m already thinking about Halloween. So much to do. So little time. And yes, that is the color of my wall.

Color. Not just for flowers anymore.