Single Shot Sunday: Marshmallow Barn

Somewhere on Prince Edward Island between New Glasgow and Summerside. My brain is a bit foggy on that, because I was full of fish cakes and raspberry cream cheese pie at the time.

I cannot tell a lie. It was big D delicious.

Or, somewhere between Victoria by-the-sea and Summerside…

I saw this barn with… hay bales marshmallows. Click. Click.

I wanted to jump right out and toast a few.

I did a little drama action with Snapseed. A little marshmallow drama.

With Photoshop, I’ll bet I could’ve toasted those marshmallows hay bales into toasty, marshmallowy goodness.


9 thoughts on “Single Shot Sunday: Marshmallow Barn

    • Grin is exactly what I did when I saw those hay bales. They looked so soft and squishy…like marshmallows. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Verra nice.


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