Moving Monday to Tuesday…

That’s my public service announcement.

Moving Monday to Tuesday.


Because in Ontarioland, it’s Family Day. For those of you south of my border, it’s Presidents’ Day. If I were on Prince Edward Island today, it would be Islander Day.

I’m going with that. Islander Day. Islander Day is like Family Day, only better. It’s on PEI.

Sorry, Ontario!

After looking like Rogue Northern Girl all day Sunday, I jumped out of bed this morning like Jack Flash — thank you, Rolling Stones — and slid into winter clothes, poked around my eyes with a mascara wand, added a touch of lip gloss, and for good measure, Combed My Hair.

I know. You’re all still back on Rogue Northern Girl.

Rogue Northern Girl is all about my Sunday fashion statement. I donned a it-has-seen-better-days red, long-sleeved flannel nightgown (that hits about mid-calf) with a polar bear on the front. Then, I accessorized it with a pair of black yoga pants and a blue U of T sweatshirt.

Northern Girl gone rogue.

Good times.

To be fair, it was Sunday. And I was sprawled on the sofa with Mr. G honey looking at travel brochures of Switzerland.

And brooding.

Isn’t that a great word?

Brooding because on Valentine’s Day, I lost — or they were stolen — my credit and bank cards, which I didn’t realize until the day after Day of Love, when I went to pick up flowers for Friday night’s dinner party. After which, Friday got a little hectic.

Yup. Brooding.

Still, I set all that aside and had a great evening, after my mini meltdown. Good friends. Good food. Good liquor.

Back to Monday, where I jumped out of bed like Jack Flash and was ready BD — before decaffeine — with passport and driver’s licence in hand to hit the road for replacement bank cards.

And then it happened.

The unthinkable.

Mr. G honey yelled up the stairs, “Hey, I just heard on the radio that the banks are closed today for Family Day.”

My very own personal herald.

And that is when I moved Monday to Tuesday.

The End.

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