Texting 1…2…3…

This is a text exchange I had with Mr. G honey yesterday:

Me: Aren’t these the cutest ever? Click this link.

Mr. G: Sorry. They look to me like pants I’ve been seeing all my life.  Can’t tell what makes them different.


[All my life?]

Me: Okay. That’s the last fashion talk I have with you. It’s the purple color and the leopard print in the skinny jean. You are hopeless.

Mr. G: They were purple?

Me: O.o

Mr G: Male, non-metrosexual.


Now, if I shimmied into those pants.

And added a pair of strappy wedge sandals.

And sashayed down the hall…

I’d be hearing, “You look great in those pants.”

The end.

For your viewing pleasure…

peony_elengrey_june_2013 (926x1280)

These blooms were clipped this morning from the front and back gardens. The darker pink is from the back. It looks much like a cabbage rose and has very little scent. The pale bloom is from the front. I just planted it last year. It has a heady scent. Not allowed in the house, it was banished to the garden table this morning.

peony_bouquet_elengrey_june_2013 (956x1280)

Hump Day — sprint right over it!