This weather is really bringing out the roses.

Here’s a shot of the Nearly Wild roses in the back garden.

nearly_wild_roses_1_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x956)

Yes, that is their name. It’s a shrub-type that seems to be climbing up the fence. But it is not a climber. No. Shakes head.

And another.

nearly_wild_rose_2_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x956)

Here are some shots of the pink Fairy roses in the frontscape. They are tiny and a yummy pink that pales as the blossoms age.

fairy_roses_1_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x956)

They are fairly low to the ground and produce masses of blooms from June into the late fall. Love that about them. They have really grown in three years.

fairy_roses_2_elengrey_june_2013 (1280x956)

On the Fast Drafting front ~

Yesterday was not good. 1905 words out of the 5000 that I needed for the day. Why? I stalled. Because I got lost in the barrens my manuscript. I had to stop and figure out where I was and where I was going with this story. I couldn’t go forward until I reminded myself of where I had been. Not just where I had been yesterday, but Where I Had Been. It may be because I’ve been writing scenes out of order. So I had to go back and make a list of all my scenes and jot down briefly what was going on in them.

In order to make up for the little glitch in Day 2 of 14 days, I will be writing 250 extra words per day until the end. Totally doable.

Notice how I said little glitch. Nobody whines in a Candace Havens class. It is the No. 1 Rule. Yes, there are rules. And that is No. 1. So. I didn’t call it the epic fail that it felt like, because I didn’t want Candace showing up at my door, waving her big magic wand, and sending me straight to Revision Hell.

Here is what today looked like:

1st hr – 1223 wc
2nd hr – 1837wc *1 1/2 sprint
3rd hr – 1329 wc
4th hr – 1069 wc *45 min sprint

I made my 5000 wc quota for the day + my 250 makeup wc + 208 extra wc. Woot.



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