Single Shot Sunday: Overrun…

IMG_2485_common_violets_elengrey_may_2011 (1280x960)

Continuing with my anti-winter frame of mind, these are common violets commonly found in my side garden and overrun with grass.


The grass is being overrun with the common violets.


The point of this story is we don’t need no stinkin’ snow.


I really love violets in all their forms.

Sunday before Monday.


2 thoughts on “Single Shot Sunday: Overrun…

  1. I am opposed to all of the sects and violets on television!

    (Oops. Sorry: off my meds again . . . )

    (Now: back on ’em . . .)

    Great photo! And thank you for reminding me that winter, too, has an end . . .


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