Single Shot Monday: Pinked…

the_pink_ladies_elengrey_june_2012 (1280x896)

You’ve been pinked.

This was taken outside a library in Ontario in early June of 2012. I don’t know about you, but I always like to check out the local library when I’m visiting a community. I could have sat on a bench and looked at that pink all day.

I could sit on a bench and look at it right now.

In fact, I would love to blink myself there right this very minute.


Because Mr. G, honey caught a man-virus, with a man-fever and a man-bark. It’s worse than a man-cold.

As in Beam-me-up-Scotty! worse.

Did I mention he’s a giver?

He likes to share.

He’s a very generous man.

And as I hack up a lung this cold spring morning, I’m sticking tiny pins in a little man-virus doll.

Monday rolls in with Fisherman’s Friend.

Mr. G likes the sucrose-free cherry.

I’m all about the original extra strong.

I smell chicken soup.


4 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Pinked…

  1. And just in time for Spring. 😦 Poor you.
    You need a bloke who’s less generous. [grin]
    Those trees are mindblowing, agreed: d’you know what fruit they bear? – I’m so HOPELESS with identifying fruit-trees.


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