The Perp…

The perp…

IMG_6795_the_perp_june_2014 (598x758)

Gracie Allen Golden Pup

And just a little fun with Cartoonatic.

The crime…

IMG_6785_the_crime_june_2014 (800x800)

One of the two specimens of Lilium asiatic I planted four days ago.

IMG_6790_the_crime_2_june_2014 (800x800)

This Lilium asiatic is called Tiny Ghost.

That name is a foretelling.

It didn’t stand a chance against…

IMG_6795_the_perp_june_2014 (598x758)

The perp.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Tiny Ghost.

Let’s just close the book on this Hump Day.


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