You Never Know With Libraries…

IMG_7123_ornamental_corn_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x765)

You find some of the most interesting things hanging out in and around community libraries.

People. Books. Trees.

Art. Sculpture. Flowers.

Ornamental corn commingling with bright perennials.

IMG_7127_ornamental_corn_2_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x765)

Yes. Ornamental corn. It’s called Field of Dreams.

IMG_7129_ornamental_corn_3_elengrey_july_2014 (765x1024)

It was the pink that drew my attention. C’mon. Pink on corn. There is an ear of corn right there. The kernels are dark and poppable. Poppable.

IMG_7121_ornamental_corn_5_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x765)

It was high noon at the library. These were the best of a dozen shots. Go ahead corn. Go ahead pretty flower. Commingle. You’re doing it right.

If you know what the flower is, shout it out in the comments. It looks like a zinnia to me.

IMG_7130_ornamental_corn_4_elengrey_july_2014 (765x1024)


You never know with libraries.

And Thursday brings us that much closer to a 3-day weekend. Thank you, Civic Holiday. And that’s Simcoe Day in Toronto.


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