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I’ve been making an effort to create a bee and butterfly — B&B — friendly perennial garden.

The bees have been back in good force this year. Bumblebees, big bees, small bees.

Bees, man.

They’ve embraced the whole yard. And I relish that, even though I don’t want to get stung.

Seriously. No stinging, bees.

I’ve made you a nice habitat.

Let us embrace our diversity.

No stinging.

Please and thank you.

Sadly, I’ve yet to see the return of the butterflies, especially the Monarch.

Some Milkweed will be going in next year.

There were plenty of bees zipping around when I clicked this shot. This bee was the only one willing to sit for an impromptu portrait.

Let’s just bzzzzzz right over Hump Day.


5 thoughts on “Buzzed…

  1. A fun post Elen. Good on you for planting for the B&Bees πŸ™‚
    I was at a garden nursery yesterday and saw a gorgeous butterfly fluttering around a Buddlea… It was loving it!


  2. We try to plant for the B&Bs, too. It’s a twisted thing though, because some of the butterflies’ caterpillars like to eat some of the veggie plants. Sigh. I’m hoping the extra flowers in the front of the house keep the chompers there and not on our edibles. πŸ™‚


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