Close Shot Friday 076

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Autumn On Wall

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We’re having a long and glorious autumn, though it did snow last Saturday. The first Saturday in November.

The first day of November.

Plenty of leaves are still clinging to trees, though this may be an act of desperation.

It would be for me.

The indoor snow mats have been placed by the doors.

Welcome to Uglyville. And by Uglyville, I mean winter in the Great White North.

We smoked ourselves right out of the casa with the first fire of the season.

That might’ve been my fault.


You see. I opened the damper on the flue when I was prepping the fireplace for the wood Mr. G was bringing in.

And Mr. G opened the damper on the flue when he was setting the wood and warming the chimney, thereby closing the damper on the flue.

Abbott and Costello.

Laurel and Hardy.

Tom and Jerry.

Frick and Frack.

I’d add Lucy and Ethel, but the G-Man might not appreciate being called Ethel. We all know that I am a Lucy. For reals.

It was the doomsday fire.

Ash was floating everywhere.

Smokes alarms sang in harmony.

Burbville wildlife rushed down the street two by two, honking and screeching, and generally raising a ruckus.

I’m still wearing a hat and sunglasses when I leave the house.

Moving right along.

I took this shot on the University of Guelph campus. It’s what’s on the side of the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. The MSAC.

In other news ~

There is no other news.

TGIF, baby.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


6 thoughts on “Close Shot Friday 076

  1. I feel your embarrassment. Last spring we had a flue fire a couple of days AFTER Mr. G cleaned the flue (we have a wood furnace). The smoke alarms didn’t even go off. But we had to call the fire department, who came, all sirens blazing. All ended well. Next time I will inspect after the flue gets cleaned!


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