Close Shot Friday 090… Gerberaland + The V-Equinox

IMG_9739_gerbera_close_shot_elengrey_march_2015 (1148x1280)

Go ahead. Click it bigger. I’ll wait.

We visited Gerberaland yesterday, aka as the nursery, the garden center… the House of Spring.

We might’ve visited more than one — mebbe — for I was on a quest to find color.

Do not step between a female and her quest.

Moving right along.

The Gerbera daisy is one of my favorite flowers. I love it for its cheerfulness and bold color. Put a field of flowers in buckets at a farm or city market, and I will always, always find the Gerbera daisy.

Spill. What’s your favorite flower?

Among a gazillion other shots, I got this close shot.

The front door has been washed. The mailbox, too. All remnants of the winter greens have been removed.

And I don’t care how much snow is on the ground — It will never be as much as blankets PEI! — the spring wreath is going on the door today.

Vernal Equinox, baby!


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Note: This post was updated with a title change. It got titled “Single Shot Friday” instead of “Close Shot Friday.” Spring brain. Hee.

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  1. My favourites are tulips, and as you noted, mine are under 8+ feet of shovelled or snowblower-blown snow. But there is sun today; yippee!! My daughter’s favourite is the Gerbera.

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