This post is A to Z worrisome… + Single Shot Monday


The Letter W

wriggle ~

Sometimes I wriggle during the Sunday sermon. Wriggle and squirm.

wobble ~

Sometimes I wobble on my stilettos. It’s like being on stilts. Wobbly, man.

wiggle worm ~

When I was begetting, I begot one.

worrisome ~

Sometimes my word association is worrisome.

woulda ~

Often seen hangin’ with coulda and shoulda.

Wrigley Field ~

Baseball, baby. Home of the Chicago Cubs. My first at-the-ball-park game.

whisky or whiskey? ~

Whatever. Either way, it’s good drinking.

World Wide Web ~

Where I succumbed to A to Z. Note: The first time I typed world wild web, which I think is probably more accurate.


Slang for what’s up. I’m definitely a wassup-er. I use it all the time in texting. No judging.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice ~

A nod to the Beach Boys this Monday. I know some of y’all are fans. Right, G-Man?

I’m partial to… Barbara Ann and Good Vibrations. Video alert!

green wall ~

green_wall_4_longwood_gardens_elengrey_may_2013 (942x1280)

If you’ve been around the bloggity for a while, you might have seen this image of the Green Wall before. It was taken at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania in 2013. The rest of the post is here, if you wanna like click on over.

It’s the Loo, the Lav, the Water Closet.

And there you have it — A to Z and Single Shot Monday. Together again.

Monday is in the house.

Git to work ’cause, you know, we’re working for a living.



4 thoughts on “This post is A to Z worrisome… + Single Shot Monday

  1. I saw the Beach Boys wayyy back in the ’70s. lol. They had songs that stayed in your head.
    I love Longwood Gardens!! Went to see Winterthur a few years ago and had a great time. Then went back a few years later to see the Gardens.
    I’m nominating you for some blogger awards. Info will be on my site

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