X Marks the A to Z Spot…


The Letter X

X’s and O’s

AKA, Noughts and Crosses, Tic-Tac-Toe, and various other names. A beloved children’s game for two players, it is believed to date back to the Roman Empire or earlier. I call it a doodle. It was one of my fave childhood games, and now I can pit my skill against a computer… if I want to. Not likely. You can read more about it here, and any other number of places on the intertoobs. Let’s play I Love to Google.

True Confessions ~

I was a huge fan of this television series…

The X-Files

(1993-2002) My favorite character was CGB Spender, aka Smoking Man, Cancer Man, Cigarette-Smoking Man… You get the picture. Agent Mulder’s arch-nemesis.

This did give me a giggle.

I am a huge fan of this film series…


(2000-2014) 7 movies. No doubt, they will be covered extensively in the A to Z Challenge.

I’m done with you now, Letter X.

So done.

Heading out to hang with Y and Zed.


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